Program Description

The Bachelor of Theological Studies Program is a curriculum designed for men and women with Christian convictions anchored in the Holy Scriptures, and who have the desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Our curriculum consists of 128 academic credits distributed in 37 courses that address the different areas of theology (exegetical, systematic, historical and practical). In addition, they are framed by the teachings of the Reformers of the 16th century. Currently, our program is developed in a semi-attendance way, since the professors travel to Venezuela to teach the class, but the rest of the learning process includes virtuality. It is also a cyclical program, that is, the curriculum is developed and repeated at the same time that we admit new students in each course. An average of nine courses are taught annually. Our prayer is that the knowledge acquired will be of edification for the student, but also for his local church, which will redound to the glory of God.

Applicant Profile

  • Possesses deep convictions of the truths of the gospel and that Christ is the center of his life and theology.
  • Expresses motivation for the study of theology anchored in the Holy Scriptures.
  • Evidences knowledge of the spiritual needs of society and desire to preach the gospel of Christ to them.
  • Manifests habits of reflection and study.
  • Shows capacity for analysis, interpretation and synthesis.
  • Shows ability to raise questions and promote answers.


admission process

  1. Interested applicants must submit an application form and all required documents.
  2. The SRL Academic Team in the USA will review the application and determine whether to approve or deny the applicant. If necessary, a member of the Academic Team will contact the applicant to discuss any questions or concerns.
  3. The student is informed of approval/denial. If approved, the student chooses the course(s) in which they want to enroll.
  4. The student must then make payment for registration and course tuition.
  5. The student will then receive confirmation of registration, payment, and course enrollment and will be given access to the course(s) and associated content.


  1. Have deep convictions of the truths of the Gospel and acknowledges that Christ is the center of their life and theology.
  2. Express motivation for the study of theology anchored in the Holy Scriptures.
  3. Exhibit habits of reflection and study.
  4. Show a capacity for analysis, interpretation, and synthesis.
  5. Show an ability to raise questions and propose answers.
  6. Show an ability to write clearly in English and/or Spanish with proper punctuation, syntax, and grammar.


One-time registration fee of $30 USD. Per course cost is $100 USD for certificate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree. The doctoral program has different costs and procedures that are outlined in the attached catalog.

Payment form link: https://www.srlseminary.org/usa-student-registration